We Want Bingo Evaluation

Consider putting your money where your mouth is. Those behind We Crave Bingo definitely understand their demographic, which consists of folks who actually want bingo. All OK then. When the webpage first loads, this is readily visible. However, anybody who objects to the implications of the word ‘desire’ would likely want to run a mile. People who ‘want’ many things are, by nature, seldom content and often willing to walk on others to fulfill their insatiable need. As a result of the abundance of allusions to ‘desire’ on this page, it may come off as quite, well, needy.

Alternatively, maybe we are, as usual, reading way too much into the situation. For the sake of avoiding tangents, let’s focus on the site itself, what it offers and what it delivers, rather than the hidden messages that, upon reflection, reveal more about our collective state of mind than anything about the people who, most likely, just built a bingo website without realizing someone was going to psychoanalyze it.

Standard stance

There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles on the site, nor are there a lot of bells and whistles, for that matter. It’s not the worst we’ve seen; things are rather obvious, but we have no idea what the enormous PLUS in the center of the screen refers to. Perhaps our browser stopped during the taste test, or perhaps it didn’t, and someone behind the scenes just forgot to hit the ‘animate’ button. In any case, it is odd and not altogether encouraging that the remainder of the website will be up to par.

Despite this criticism, there is plenty to enjoy about the first landing page. The navigation tabs at the top of the screen are easily discernible and positioned appropriately. Regular players will also recognize the xCite emblem, which signifies that this site is part of a larger network that has signed up to utilize the xCite loyalty program. Humans are by nature mostly creatures of habit, despite our extraordinary ability to think creatively and generate brilliant new ideas. As a result, it is possible that seeing something so familiar will put a few minds at rest.

Recommended Position

Regarding the rest of the website, there is a large but rarely filled section titled “Gem’s Slot Recommendation This Week.” The copywriter deserves credit for really knowing how to use an apostrophe, but we cannot for the life of us figure out why the designers gave this area so much space. There will only ever be a single suggestion (thus the singular), hence this section will always seem to be two-thirds empty — there is room for another pair of recommendations.

Below this is the We Want Blog ticker, which displays the most recent website news and demonstrates rather clearly why, if you have a blog ticker on the homepage, you must keep the blog current. When we examined the website, the most current item was dated January 31. We’re assuming that’s the 31st of January this year, rather than an even older date, but it doesn’t take two minutes (well, well, maybe 20) to write 100 words about bingo, so this reeks of sloth. Lacking sufficiency.


Finally, shall we discuss games? Probably a wise decision Clicking on “We Want Games” on the top menu row will lead you to a part of the website that displays all the available games. This section follows a somewhat regular structure, and there is not much to say about it.

In terms of bingo, only 90-Ball Bingo, 75-Ball Bingo, and High 5 Bingo are available. We go back to the site’s name — We Want Bingo — to emphasize that this is, unfortunately, rather missing. Yes, there are bingo games on this site, and a few games to choose from within each category, but there are other bingo sites that do this much more extensively and also include casino games, which this site does not.

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